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Mortice Locks

The Mortice Lock - Before the invention of the euro cylinder/lock most doors and entrances were fitted with the good old mortice lock. There are numerous branded mortice locks but there are two main types are the sash lock and the deadlock. They differ in that the sash lock has a handle that is built…
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What To Do If You Have Been Burgled

What To Do If You Have Been Burgled Discovering you have had a break in is everyone’s worst nightmare, with this said it is important to try and stay focused and follow the necessary steps to get things back in order. Below you will find a guide that our experts at Locksmith Fareham have put…
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National Locksmiths – Be Aware of Them!

National Locksmiths National Locksmiths generally turn out to be middle men who are simply sub-contracting work out to local locksmiths for usually double the normal price! There is usually a call-centre in place which the local phone numbers call through to and you yourself will never actually get to speak to the locksmith themselves until…
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Are You Locked out in Fareham?

On the off chance that you wind up in the disastrous situation of being Locked out of your property in Fareham, don't stress! We realise your principle concern is to get back inside whether it be day or night. This is the reason I pride myself on working 24 hours per day. Whatever you're locked…
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Choosing The Right Emergency Locksmith

Choosing The Right Emergency Locksmith Found yourself locked Out? You Need an Emergency Locksmith. This is not a situation you can always prepare for. We at Locksmith Fareham answer stacks of calls to a failed lock or UPVC mechanism than we do to keys being lost or left in the house, therefore a supportive neighbour…
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Locksmith Fareham – What should You Expect?

What should you expect from the locksmith company you hire There is a range of locksmith Fareham services that you may need. The nature of locksmith service differs depending upon the type of situation you are dealing with. In any condition, however, the user every time expect the service to be of the high quality…
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