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Locked Out? What to Do When You’re Locked Out!

Got Yourself Locked Out?

Oh no, you've only gone and got yourself locked out! Nightmare - Now what? Lockouts can be, at best frustrating and at worst a serious problem. Especially if you have pets and kids inside who need your help or dinner in the oven. Thankfully, we’ve got a few options and a bit of advice to get you back inside.

Option 1: Locked Out? Ask for Help

Call your partner, roommate, or someone you live with to see if they can return home to let you in. It may be a minor inconvenient for them, but it may mean you’ll spend less time stranded at the front door.

If your property is rented then your first call should always be your landlord or rental agency. They will usually have a copy of your house key and may be close enough to call around to unlock the door.

If you live in a modern apartment complex, stop by the manager’s/concierge's office and ask for access to your unit. You may need to provide proof for this one but if your know around the block that can be proof itself. This is usually free but beware: many apartment complexes charge lockout fees if the staff has to help you get back inside.

Option 2: Locked Out? Call a Locksmith

Locksmiths aren’t necessarily the cheapest option, but calling a professional locksmith is a guaranteed way to get back into your home.

Lockout services can cost anywhere from £55 to £100 depending on your situation,but a residential locksmith is always the top option in an emergency or even in bad weather. Whether you’re locked out of your house because you lost your keys or the key you have won’t turn, Fareham Locksmiths are on call 24/7 to help with your lockout.

Option 3: Unlocked Windows or Doors

Unlocked windows and doors are invitations to invaders, but they can also get you out of a tough situation when you’re locked out. If you’re stuck, it doesn’t hurt to check all the entrances to your home.

When entering through a window, remove the screen, lift the window, and shimmy through. Always careful, as you’re likely to be off-balance when you land, and look out for items below like furniture, end tables, and TVs.

However, do. not hesitate to contact Fareham Locksmith if youre in any doubt.

Stay safe and be happy!