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Our expert residential locksmiths are skilled and knowledgeable and able to assist you with your home locksmith needs.  We guarantee that you will receive the best in advice, service and the finest in customer care and respect.

Home Security

A break-in can be a very traumatic experience.  Break-ins cost UK insurance companies millions of pounds each year in claim payments.  This cost is shared by policyholders through increased premiums.  By making your home more secure, you can save yourself inconvenience and money.  Our locksmith staff can come to your home to review your existing security and recommend suitable upgrade options and pricing.  You can then make the right decisions based on reliable information.

Remember also that many insurance companies offer an insurance premium discount to homeowners who install good security systems.  But the biggest benefit is peace of mind that your home is more secure.

Moved Into A New House?

Are you absolutely certain of how many keys are out there?  Perhaps a babysitter, maintenance person or almost anyone could have the keys to your new home.  Don't trust your property to the previous owner’s locksets.

Did you know that developers have front door locks Master Keyed so that one key will open every front door in a new development?   This gives their contractors easy access to every house in the development with one key to perform their job.  For peace of mind, the safety of your family and the security of your belongings, have the lock replaced or re-keyed (set to a new key).

Deadbolt Locks

You absolutely need deadbolt locks on all your external doors. Our locksmith can help you with your needs.

High Security Locks

The specially constructed pick-resistant cylinders render traditional lock picking methods virtually obsolete and are designed against drilling and other forceful attacks.  High security deadbolts provide exceptional protection against drilling, picking, bumping and brute force.  The stronger the hardware is, the longer it takes to defeat.  The longer it takes to defeat, the more likely a thief will give up and move on or get caught.


We supply all kinds of padlocks for use at home or on the road.  Please contact us and our friendly staff will help you find what you need.  Tip: use a padlock and chain to secure your ladder out the back of your house, so that a thief cannot use it to break in to an upstairs window.

Home Safe

If you would like a home safe then talk to our trained professionals.  We offer highly-rated residential home safes, business safes, wall safes and other top-rated safety and security products for your home and office.  We can help you select the right product for your needs.

So give us a call today, and one of our expert locksmith staff will help you to assess your needs and provide the solution you need.

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