So recently I started advertising in Warsash under the auspice of Locksmith Warsash.  Low and behold before I had even swung my pick in anger I received a negative 1 star review through google.  Feast your eyes on this big pile of hogwash.  Its very disappointing and makes my business look less than professional, which it very much is not.  Im still top of the pile though thanks to all my positive reviews from real customers and to them I would like to say thank you!

If anyone knows how to get fake reviews reassessed or removed I would love to hear from you

a month ago
Critical: Professionalism, Punctuality

Very unprofessional not how I would run my business 🙈

Response from the owner a month ago

Thank you for your review John! There are 2 Locksmith Warsash's, have you got the right one?

As I have no record of any correspondence or work carried out on your behalf can ask for some evidence so I may look at reviewing my procedures. This should be easy for you as my invoices are serialised, my van is tracked and my calls are recorded (for situations just like this), so if you can provide me with just the tiniest scrap of proof that your review may be genuine I will give you £1000 in cash as an apology for my lack of professionalism and as a form of recompense for the untold suffering you have endured at my hands. Additionally I will give another £1000 to a charity of your choice. This is a win win for you. You get £1000, your favourite charity gets £1000 and I get a very public and GENUINE slapping down. So come on, don't let that charity down sir!!

You should have my personal mobile number (its on the invoice) so hopefully I will be hearing from you real soon. Stay Safe!!

Dougie Silver
ACQ Locksmiths Ltd

UPDATE: 7 days passed and nothing back from this tosser yet!! More to follow!


Locksmith Warsash

Locksmith Warsash Negative Review

Derrick Wright, Knob

Great Attitude!

Great Attitude, great review.  Another cracking little review received this week from an exceptionally decent bunch of guys at Modular Residential


Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value


"Speedy and efficient. Turned up and changed all of our locks after a break in. Was all sorted within a couple of hours. Easy to deal with, great attitude and a nice guy. Highly recommended."


It's always a pleasure to receive a great review.

Stay safe folks, were not out of the woods yet!

Ben, Modular Residential

Security Upgrade ACQ Locksmiths. 

Security Upgrade and another fabulous review for from a satisfied customer.  Mr Roylance asked ACQ Locksmiths to pop out and take a look at the security at his holiday home in Wickham following an attempted break in.
I suggested a few improvements and upgrades.  The house is now tight as a drum.

“Doug was on time and very professional. Everything was left clean and tidy after the job. Highly recommend ACQ Locksmiths!”

We at ACQ Locksmiths are always here for you.  No job too big or too small. Call us anytime!
Roy Roylance, Holiday home repairs and security

Exceptional Standard

Heres a review I received yesterday from someone very happy with my exceptional standard of work

"Called Doug to change some locks on a property I was renting, he explained the price over the phone and various costs dependant on the type of locks I would require , he arrived promptly which was great especially as he is very much in demand and the work was carried out to an exceptional standard with an extremely fair price afterwards , cannot recommend enough just hope he doesn't get too busy that he can't do more work for me when required."

My Reply

Dear Mr Tuley, thanks for taking the time to review Locksmith Fareham

Please, if you get the opportunity to leave a review do!  Its all great feedback and very helpfull in moving my business forward.

Daniel Tuley, Locksmith Fareham