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Security Upgrade ACQ Locksmiths. 

Security Upgrade and another fabulous review for from a satisfied customer.  Mr Roylance asked ACQ Locksmiths to pop out and take a look at the security at his holiday home in Wickham following an attempted break in.
I suggested a few improvements and upgrades.  The house is now tight as a drum.

“Doug was on time and very professional. Everything was left clean and tidy after the job. Highly recommend ACQ Locksmiths!”

We at ACQ Locksmiths are always here for you.  No job too big or too small. Call us anytime!
Roy Roylance, Holiday home repairs and security

Exceptional Standard

Heres a review I received yesterday from someone very happy with my exceptional standard of work

"Called Doug to change some locks on a property I was renting, he explained the price over the phone and various costs dependant on the type of locks I would require , he arrived promptly which was great especially as he is very much in demand and the work was carried out to an exceptional standard with an extremely fair price afterwards , cannot recommend enough just hope he doesn't get too busy that he can't do more work for me when required."

My Reply

Dear Mr Tuley, thanks for taking the time to review Locksmith Fareham

Please, if you get the opportunity to leave a review do!  Its all great feedback and very helpfull in moving my business forward.

Daniel Tuley, Locksmith Fareham

Highly recommended!

Highly Recommended - Recently there appears to be a spate of losers leaving fake and misleading reviews about me and my company.  I can trace it back to a local locksmith whom I left a scathing review on using facts and and signing off as ACQ Locksmiths Ltd.


Thing is though, good will always shine through and despite all the trash there are some good people out there and below is genuine review form a genuine job, from a genuine customer and guess what?  Im Highly Recommended, rather than the bollocky old "didnt turn up", "did a terrible job!" that has been left by a competing locksmith.  Enjoy my review:


"Dougie from ACQ came out the same day of asking and replaced two locks for me and cut several keys. All very fast and efficient and at a reasonable price.
Highly recommended!"


If you would like to utilise the services of Locksmith Fareham just take a look at all the review that are positive.


Stay Safe People!

Chris Ard, https://www.google.com/maps/contrib/117022290364494468710/reviews?hl=en-GB&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwixppDt64HgAhWr5OAKHSzYA6QQvvQBegQIARAC

Seems Im A Cowboy Locksmith

Greetings from Cowboy Doug the Locksmith.  Recently Ive been getting hit quite badly with bogus reviews and heres the latest of them.  there is another to follow but please take a moment to read this pack of bunkum and see what you think.  Ive left put my response below in brackets!

His Bogus Reveiw

          "Very disappointed with this guy was late turning up with no excuse just said I can't do anything about the traffic no you can't but if your going to be an hour late just call No?? Work was at a below standard I've tried calling him to get him back to finish job with no luck avoid this cowboy"

My Response


          "Thank you for your very cowardly and feeble pack of lies review. At least when I reviewed you I was truthful and used my own name, I didint hide behind a sobriquet. I thought you were better than that (not really, Ive always known you were a bellend!)

However, if you can provide me with just the tiniest scrap of evidence that the above incident happened I will donate £1000 to a charity of your choice. So provide an invoice, or a date and time. a photograph ANYTHING!! I bet you cant so stop being a bellend, remove the review and grow up. FFS - You didnt even review the amazing locksmith who allegedly sorted the mess I left - surely that bogus locksmith deserves a bogus review. Hes a freakin hero apparently!! SOOO BOGUS 

Cant wait to hear from you. You have my number!!"



Its so sad that a rival Locksmith will stoop to measures just to try and discredit a fellow locksmith.  I know who placed it but for legal reasons Im not going to name the locksmith in person.

Mr J H Williams of ALS Locksmiths (Fareham) Disguised as Lance Hillier, https://www.google.com/maps/contrib/101124385330969794915/reviews/@50.9090647,-1.3467875,12z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m3!8m2!3m1!1e1?hl=en-GB