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Mortice Locks

The Mortice Lock - Before the invention of the euro cylinder/lock most doors and entrances were fitted with the good old mortice lock. There are numerous branded mortice locks but there are two main types are the sash lock and the deadlock. They differ in that the sash lock has a handle that is built into it where as a deadlock does not - simples!! So, a deadbolt would have a handle fitted separately if you needed to. You will hear a lot of people referring to these types of locks as Chubb locks, not too dissimilar to how people refer to a Dyson vacuum cleaner as a hoover, it’s because Chubb was one of the founders of these locks.

Some of the main issues you get with these types of locks are:

Keys Won’t Open The Lock

  • There are a many many reasons why the keys for you lock will not open the lock. After a numerous years of use, wear and tear on the lock can make it become sloppy and defective and may no longer open or lock. Also, it might be if you keep a key in the door all the time this can cause both the key and the levers to wear out which then means other keys for the lock will no longer work. There are several other issues that can arise from mortice locks so if your key stops working or starts becoming difficult to use or the handle, or of you find the door starts becoming loose then it may be time to have the lock replaced by Locksmith Fareham.

Do You Have The Right Lock?

  • Mortice locks have been the mainstay of security for many many years and its often the case that we are replacing these types of locks that purely because of their age they are no British Standard 3621 (BS3621). This means that old sash and deadbolt mortice locks are not insurance approved and if someone where to break into your home with these locks fitted, your insurance company will not pay out for any goods stolen. Sneaky eh!

Should you wish to receive more information on our insurance approved locks or if you would like to know if your current locks are British Standard 3621, please contact Locksmith Fareham today on 01329 890043 or visit our site at: https://www.farehamlocksmith.org.uk/.