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Mortice Locks

The Mortice Lock - Before the invention of the euro cylinder/lock most doors and entrances were fitted with the good old mortice lock. There are numerous branded mortice locks but there are two main types are the sash lock and the deadlock. They differ in that the sash lock has a handle that is built…
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National Locksmiths – Be Aware of Them!

National Locksmiths National Locksmiths generally turn out to be middle men who are simply sub-contracting work out to local locksmiths for usually double the normal price! There is usually a call-centre in place which the local phone numbers call through to and you yourself will never actually get to speak to the locksmith themselves until…
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What Can Locksmith Fareham Help You With?

Common Problems That A Locksmith Can Help You With Proper security is a basic need that every house owner wishes to have in they're house, be it in Fareham or anywhere else! Every house owner shiould to have a strong locks and security system so that nobody can easily break-in to the house. However, house…
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