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What To Do If You Have Been Burgled

What To Do If You Have Been Burgled

Discovering you have had a break in is everyone’s worst nightmare, with this said it is important to try and stay focused and follow the necessary steps to get things back in order. Below you will find a guide that our experts at Locksmith Fareham have put together for those of you that have been burgled or would like to be prepared in the the event they become a victim of a break in.

Call The Police

After being burgled the first thing you should do in the event of a brake in is call the police as soon as possible so that the break in is on record. This is an important requirement for any insurance claims and can help towards finding the burglars and your belongings. If you are not in your home when you discover you have been broken into then it is advised that you call the police from outside your home. When you speak to the police they will give you a unique crime reference number (UTR), keep this safe as your insurance provider will need it.

Do Not Touch Anything

Being burgled isn't nice but try not to touch anything before the police arrive as important evidence could be destroyed and the police will need all the evidence they can get to try and find and prosecute the burglars and retrieve your stolen property.

Start Make a List

Once the police arrive at your property make a list of any goods from your property that have been stolen or damaged as this will be needed by your insurance company as well. Give as much detail as possible such as serial numbers and any distinctive marks, as well as a rough estimate of the value of each item.

Call Your Bank Immediately

Contact your bank as soon as possible to let them know you have been broken into so any credit or debit cards can be cancelled and your account can be checked for any suspicious activity. Even if your cards haven’t been stolen a burglar could have taken note of the numbers allowing them to make online purchases.

Contact Your Insurance

Make sure you call your insurance company within 24 hours of the break in so all necessary information can be taken to process your claim. The insurance company will require your unique crime reference number and a list of all stolen or damaged goods.

Secure Your Property

When the police give you the go ahead, and everything has been documented you should start to put things back in order in your home and repair any doors and windows that have been damaged. It is also important to improve your home security to avoid any break ins in the future.

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