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Advice from ACQ Locksmiths Fareham

Advice from ACQ Locksmiths Fareham


Always ensure you lock your windows - even when set to 'open lock'. If your windows don't have locks built into the handles then it is worth considering purchasing some that do. ACQ Locksmith Fareham have the knowledge and experience of all types of windows and the most secure handles available.

For those rare summer days when you need to open your windows, ACQ locksmiths Fareham recommend restrictors which only allow the window to be opened a certain distance, therefore reducing the risk of a break in through an opened window.

ACQ Locksmiths Fareham recommend that all first floor windows near (or accessible from) a flat roof have locks - and you use them!

If you are running out of the door late for an appointment and you notice you've left an upstairs window open, please don't assume it will be OK to leave it because you will be back shortly. We advise taking that extra minute to close and lock the window as opposed to the trauma and everything that comes with it after a break-in. Insurance companies may not pay out if they find out the window was left ajar while the property was unattended.