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Choosing The Right Emergency Locksmith

Choosing The Right Emergency Locksmith Found yourself locked Out? You Need an Emergency Locksmith. This is not a situation you can always prepare for. We at Locksmith Fareham answer stacks of calls to a failed lock or UPVC mechanism than we do to keys being lost or left in the house, therefore a supportive neighbour…
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Security Issues Overlooked At Home

Security Issues Overlooked At Home There is so much that needs to be considered when it comes to home security. As such, there are often a number of important things that tend to get overlooked. Home security is not just about ensuring you have the best door locks available, or security lights on the outside.…
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How Old Is A Very Old Lock

How Old Is an Old Lock? Have you ever wondered how advanced was technology in terms of security devices (or old lock), back in the ancient times when the events described in Games of Thrones took place? Well, we have! As locksmith professionals, who constantly chase the newest technological developments in our sphere, while also…
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Don’t Get Locked Out Again

Don't Get Locked Out Again Have you ever been locked out of your own home? It can be embarrassing, and even dangerous. This can be a stressful and inconvenient situation, and it takes time and hassle to get back inside. Here at Locksmith Fareham, we’ve put together some precautions you should take to avoid this.…
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