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Moving Home

Are you moving home or into a rented property? We at locksmiths Fareham have put together some hints and tips to help make your time in rental property hassle free!

Have you checked the property over to ensure all of the doors and windows have British Standard locks? Check the locks; firstly look out for a Kitemark, many insurance policies will stipulate that locks must be British Standard. If you are burgled and the locks are found to be substandard then you may encounter problems when making a claim. Fareham locksmith can make these checks for you.

Has your landlord changed the locks since the previous tenants moved out? You never quite know who could still have a key! Fareham locksmiths can change these for you.

Before making changes or improvements to the property, please obtain the landlord or letting agent’s permission – this includes changing the locks!

For any checks you require or any locks that need replacing then don’t hesitate to visit www.farehamlocksmith.org.uk.