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Fareham Locksmiths – Interesting Facts!

Fareham Locksmiths - Interesting Facts!

Here at Fareham Locksmiths we have heard people say they believed that a locksmith is someone who can only pick locks, or cut you a new key. But there is so much more to the locksmith trade than that. Keep reading to learn some interesting facts about locksmiths, I bet you will be surprised at what out job entails and what we can do for you.

Fareham Locksmiths Do not Keep A Copy Of Your Key

Some people can find concern that when they hire a locksmith, that they might keep a copy of their key. This is utter buncumb!! Any quality, professional locksmith, such as Fareham Locksmiths, would never risk their livelihood, or reputation, or business on keeping a key to your house. It's pointless, and doesn't happen. I can promise you that!!

Fareham Locksmiths, or any other locksmith is simply not interested in gaining access your house without your authority. We deals with keys every day, and your house is one of the many houses we’ll work at that day.

It’s very important to be aware that the locksmith, normally, would have to cut an extra copy in order to keep it. To do this the locksmith cuts the key by tracing from your original, and to do this the locksmith would have to cut it twice. If you have any concerns, ask to watch your locksmith cut your keys. You’ll see that it’s impossible to keep a copy without cutting twice.

Fareham Locksmiths Are Available 24/7

Many professional locksmiths offer emergency services on an on-call basis. If you’re locked out of your house in the dead of night, call Fareham Locksmiths to let you back into your property. Some locksmiths even offer emergency services at no extra charge!

Your average Locksmith will work regular hours just like you and me, then make themselves available for emergencies. That means you may well be directed to your locksmith’s cell phone. Like an on-call doctor, Fareham Locksmiths is prepared to get out of bed and help you get back into your house, whatever the hour, whatever the weather!!

Locksmithing Involves A Lot Of Different Skills

It is believed by many that a locksmith only knows how to pick locks and duplicate keys. This is not the case, a competent locksmith also has the skills of a mechanic. This is essential and helps him understand the different types of locks, the mechanics of the lock, how they works and how to bypass the problem. He may also have the skills of a security expert and of an engineer. All vital knowledge as locksmiths often work with security locks and he must be able to repair them, and re-key them as necessary. The skills of a carpenter are an important weapon in the locksmiths armoury. And the ability to make repairs to locks where necessary. Any locksmith worth his salt will have a well-rounded knowledge of this set of skills.

In Summary

A security expert, an engineer, and a carpenter, he can turn his hand to any of those skills. There are so so many different types of locks around the world. This makes it important for a locksmith to understand the different types of locks, as well as the mechanisms of how they work.

Stay tuned for more interesting facts about locksmiths and stuff.

Stay safe people!!