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Master Keying – Locksmith

Master Keying – Locksmith Fareham Master keying is an area of work for a specialist locksmiths such as your local Fareham locksmith, particularly useful for businesses.  For homes of multiple occupancy (where you may want room keys to also open the front door), these are ways to reduce the number of keys required. Another great…
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Moving Home

Moving Home Are you moving home or into a rented property? We at locksmiths Fareham have put together some hints and tips to help make your time in rental property hassle free! Have you checked the property over to ensure all of the doors and windows have British Standard locks? Check the locks; firstly look…
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Preventing Winter Crime For Your House

Security Advice from Locksmith Fareham Preventing Winter Crime for your Home Prevent yourself from being a victim of crime and burglary, with our short guide on how to improve security on your property. As many of us are still enjoying long summer days, it is the perfect opportunity to make sure we are prepared for…
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Advice from ACQ Locksmiths Fareham

Advice from ACQ Locksmiths Fareham Windows Always ensure you lock your windows - even when set to 'open lock'. If your windows don't have locks built into the handles then it is worth considering purchasing some that do. ACQ Locksmith Fareham have the knowledge and experience of all types of windows and the most secure…
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